LISTEN: Reardon explains The Rolling Stones secret way of giving fans a bathroom break during concerts

"It happens every time you see The Stones!" says KMOX host Mark Reardon.

Sam Masterson
February 06, 2020 - 7:02 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Apparently there's a tradition that has continued for years of performances by The Rolling Stones – who are coming to St. Louis this June on the 2020 "No Filter Tour." Our Mark Reardon explained something he's noticed about a trick the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band does to allow people to go to the bathroom during their shows, without missing the best stuff. 

He explains that Keith Richards, the band's guitarist, usually will sing three or four songs during the concert. And let's just say, he's no Mick Jaggar on the mic. 

Reardon believes The Stones do this on purpose, as a signal to let people know they've got a little bit of time to relieve themselves. 

And in case you were thinking that this was just a joke, take a listen to the audio above as our sports host Chris Hrabe said THE EXACT SAME THING about the best time to take a bathroom break at The Rolling Stones concert.

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